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Everything you need to know about Equestrian Insurance...

We have cover available for horses aged from 30 days up to and including 13 years of age. Specialised cover can also be arranged for horses over 14 years of age on application.

Basic Mortality Cover for Mares and Stallions

Risks of Mortality

Death by accident, sickness or disease also including limited theft as per policy.

Geographical Limits

Geographical limits are within Australasia and transits within and between New Zealand and Australia. These limits can be extended to include other countries on application and agreement by the Underwriter.

Equestrian Packages

These packages can be used for Show jumpers, Dressage, Pleasure Riding, Pony Club, Hacking and Eventers. Hunting and Endurance Racing packages also available on application.

Two Star Equestrian Package:  All Risks of Mortality including Major Medical Vet fees cover.

For horses with a value of $10,000 and above. Aged between 6 months and 14 years.

Risks of Mortality & Major Medical Vet fees – Limit of $5000 or 50% of sum insured

Death by accident, sickness or disease including limited theft, plus Major Medical Fees up to $5,000 with a $500 excess each and every claim.

NB: In the event of a Major Medical Fees claim, Crombie Lockwood's Bloodstock division must be notified immediately that a possible claim under this extension is going to be lodged. You have 60 days after the treatment is completed for the claim to be lodged.

Foal Insurance  

Foals can be insured from 24 hours of age with acceptable vet certificate and lgC test.  Cover for foals aged 30 days and up to 89 days, can be insured by completing the Bloodstock Proposal & Health Declaration, as long as the sum insured does not exceed $99,999 NZD. 

Foetus Insurance - includes cover for Embryo Transfers

Provides cover for the unborn foal from 42 days after last service date to 30 days after birth. A specific proposal form is required together with a veterinary certificate confirming the mare is pregnant on or after inception date. The certificate must also confirm that the mare is in good health, provide 3 scan dates and state that there are no obvious reasons why she would not carry the foetus full term. Confirmation that there is a singleton foetus is also required. 

Loss of Use Horse Insurance for the Equestrian Sector

Full Loss of Use

For horse aged between 4 years and 14 years of age application must be submitted to Underwriters for acceptance before cover can be given. A full five stage vet certificate with x-rays is required. A complete list of the x-rays required is available on application. 

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